Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Just a proud American,(Texan)

        Being a union man I can say if your on the outside looking in your not seeing the real picture.We have always been for the good of America.Buy American,Made in America,by Americans.We're not greedy just want a living wage for our services.I'm a 55 year member of The International Brotherhood  of  Electrical workers Just a proud American,we helped build this country.An as of now I think we done a  damn good job.We Americans are proud of our country .We built it an we're not going to let anyone bring it down.Friends just look in the 78 years I been here all the improvements that been made to this country by Americans.Well we had a little help. Freedom is not free,nor the roads,utilities,an health care.I personally do now mind paying for all the improvements we have.Living on the grid cost ,but it is well worth it.