Friday, March 9, 2012

Will We Ever Learn (NOTE 1907)

Copynoht, 1907, by William George Jordan [The atmosphere of political thought in the nation today is permeated with." restless rebellion of protest against the growing centralization at Washington. Rumblings of revolt in the public press are becoming louder and more unmistakable, and
political leaders are furbishing the dingy armor of States rights in preparation for battle .. The usurping by the government of the lawmaking
power of the States is declared to be a forsaking of the great principle of democracy, the rock upon which the fathers founded the Republic The Federal Government, following the spirit of the age, is itself becoming a trust—a great governing trust, crowding out, and threatening openly still further to crowd out, the States, … As the wealth of the nation is concentrating in the hands of the few, so is the guidance of the destinies of the American people becoming vested in the firm, tense fingers of a small legislative syndicate. The nation soon will be no longer a solid impregnable pyramid, standing on the broad, firm safe base of the united action of a united people, but a pyramid dangerously balanced on its apex—the uncertain wisdom of a few.