Sunday, March 4, 2012

Just A Thought

All the religions of the world are but speculations in morals, mere theories of salvation, until the individual
realize that he must save himself by relying on the law of truth, as he sees it, and living his life in harmony
with it, as fully as he can. But religion is not a Pullman car, with soft-cushioned seats, where he has but to pay
for his ticket,--and some one else does all the rest. In religion, as in all other great things, he is ever thrown
back on his self-reliance. He should accept all helps, but,--he must live his own life. He should not feel that he
is a mere passenger; he is the engineer, and the train is his life. We must rely on ourselves, live our own lives,
or we merely drift through existence,--losing all that is best, all that is greatest, all that is divine.